Sound Object 'Zoppo' midi port

30,81 €



Zoppo Midi Thru Box is a midi input splitter that allows you to connect multiple musical instruments to your midi control source. In most cases, it does not require an external power supply, power is supplied via a midi cable.

If the distributing midi source does not support the required level of supply voltage, then power is supplied through the usb port using an adapter (included in the kit) or through a stabilized power supply (5-12 volts, plug 5.5 * 2.1 mm, plus in the center).


𝄪  1 input - 5 loop-through outputs
𝄪  power supply: DC 5-12V 15 mA
𝄪  case: metal, 100 * 60 * 30 mm
𝄪  weight: 220g

𝄪 price: 39 Euro (inclusive 21%VAT) + sending cost