VCF.13700 by Modular Khiat

131,00 €

Modular Moon introducing new eurorack maker from Hangzhou, China: Modular Khiat. First unit that we want to show is Voltage Controlled Filter.


type: Eurorack

function: Voltage Controlled Filter

timbre maker: MS-20 type

dimentions: 3 U | 6 Hp

front panel: white or black*

*specify the color during ordering process in Remarks field that is opening during payment confirmation process



> Input Gain - input port for audio signal;

> Cut-Off - knob to control the frequency range;

> Resonance - knob to open self-resonation;

> Two CV inputs attenuators for Cut-off - to modify the filter envelope;

> LP to HP fade - , CV input for LP to HP xfade, unique feature.


Pre-order is opened. Estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks. 


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