Xompax On The Moon

40,00 €


Modular synthesis with Pablo Peniche (Xompax)


In this workshop, you will delve into various methods for harnessing the power of Ableton Live, VCV Rack, and modular synthesizers in the creation of electrifying dance music with innovative generative capabilities.


Pablo Peniche (Xompax)

Renowned as a distinguished composer, virtuoso modular performer, and visionary sound designer, our subject embarked upon an intellectual odyssey that led to a profound mastery of Max MSP and the intricate realm of modular synthesis during their tenure at SAE Mexico City.

Their illustrious journey has been marked by active engagement in numerous prestigious synthesis festivals within the vibrant Mexican music milieu. In addition, they have imparted their profound musical knowledge for over a decade, elevating the pedagogical discourse at various esteemed music academies across Mexico.

This luminary artist's transcendent talents have graced stages at music festivals spanning the globe, delivering awe-inspiring performances that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide. Furthermore, their artistry has found a harmonious alliance with Zenon Records, an affiliation that underscores their unparalleled contribution to the realm of contemporary soundscapes.




Students of Modular Moon entry price 30 Euro. Contact via info@modularmoon.com