Chapter 13: Other Modules and their Function 

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✸ CHAPTER 13: Other Modules and their Function

✸ In this chapter we will expand our mental module library and patch with few of the modules.

Patch 16 Granular Sampler and Delay and Reverb Chain

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✸ PATCH 16 Granular Sampler and delay + reverb chain

✸ Use the signal splitter and duplicate audio output, sending one copy to VCA audio input one, and another copy to delay input.

✸ Delay output feed into reverb input.

✸ Output of the reverb send into VCA input 2. Sum output send into line output.

✸ Your sampler is ready to play and is processed in parallel chain in real time.

Patch 17 Noise, VCF and Freez

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✸ Connect mix output of the Shuby to VCF audio input.

✸ Duplicate low pass output and via splitter send one copy to any of the VCA inputs, and second copy to 2HP Freez input.

✸ Duplicate Low Pass audio output with the splitter, and send one copy of the signal to the VCA input 3, and the second copy to Freez input.

✸ Sum output of the VCA send to the oscilloscope and then to speakers.

✸ Jam with noisy soundscapes.

✸ Play with sample size, rate, pitch; try to loop a phrase and trigger it.

✸ Explore and progress the patch in improvisational mode.

Patch 18 Noise, VCF, Freez, Bassdrum and Compressor

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✸ PATCH 18 noise, VCF, Freez, bd9, Bassdrum and compressor

✸ Use the splitter and spread LFO to clock devices: feed EG, Trigg and Sequencer.

✸ Output of the sequencer send to 1 V / Oct on VCO 2.

✸ Triangle wave output send into input C of the Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue.

✸ Output of the envelope send to external CV input 1 of the VCA.

✸ Trigger BD 9 and Bassdrum, by sending trig outputs to trigger inputs.

✸ Outputs of both modules send into inputs A and B.

✸ Mix output of the Shuby send into 2HP Freez input.

✸ Output of the Freez send into VCA input and the audio output 1 of the VCA send into input C of the compressor.

✸ Output of the compressor send into line out and open the gain.

✸ Send the signal through.

✸ Start to build the patch and harmonise voices relatively to each other.

✸ There are no wrong settings.

✸ Let the jam begin.